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Minor Music Metadata Refresh Error


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Hope this is the correct area to post this. I was editing my music collection today and getting it a little bit more organized and I noticed some weird behavior when changing genres of tracks and albums. I typically use Mp3Tag to do any tag editing, then I refresh the library using the web interface in MediaBrowser (Version 3.0.5518.7). In order for all the tracks and the album itself to be properly marked with the right genre, I have to refresh the album twice or three times, depending on the level of the change.


Steps to reproduce the error:


1. Change the genre on all the tracks in an album using Mp3Tag

     - All embedded tags are now up to date with what I want

2. Refresh Album within MediaBrowser 1st time.

    - All individual track metadata has correct genre in mediabrowser, the album does not.

3. Refresh Album within MediaBrowser 2nd time.

    - Album now has correct genre, everything is as I expect it to be.


Similarly, if you change all the tracks under an artist with multiple albums to a different genre (as I did with Harry Chapin, from Ballad to Folk), you must refresh the Artist 3 times until the correct genres are applied at each level.


I'm pretty sure I just didn't give it enough time to sort through the entire refresh process, so mark this as solved/not an issue.

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