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Incorrect metadata/info/preview for MC TV Recordings


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Hi! I do alot of tv recording and there seems to be a glitch when reading file info for tv recordings.


I created a collection/folder that points to my Windows Media Center - "Recorded TV" folder. 

When browsing through the list, some of the info is incorrect like recording length, date and preview (screenshot). This seems to be random.

For instance I recorded the attached file "MB3 - tv rec sample 5.png" last night and It has a screenshot and info but incorrect length. But when I open the file properties in windows explorer the correct info is there.


Could it be that MB3 server is trying to read the info while Media Center is recording (writing to the file) and get's the incorrect data?


I've tried (from web interface) the refresh button for one file and also for the parent folder with refresh child items checked but it does not fix the issue.


It would be nice to see the air date and/or recording date and maybe have a sort option for that.




Arni Thor







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