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Feature Request: Kodi "Set" metadata category


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I was wondering if it would be possible to add an entry point or category in the metadata editor for "Movie Set" or "Set" or something like that for the purpose of organizing movie collections into movie sets for Kodi.  It would be useless for MB clients, and I don't want it if it caused any sort of issues with MB, but it's handy for telling Kodi to group movies into sets.  I know Metabrowser had an entry point like this.  That way, say for instance with the Bourne Collection, you could just type in Bourne Collection in the Set entry point in each of the Bourne movies, and Kodi would group them together.  Ideally Kodi would recognize MB collections (and artwork selected etc..) but this would still help.


edit:  Thanks for moving this to feature request, EBR.

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