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Web Client Pause/Restart Fails After 5-6 Minutes


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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Server Version 3.0.5050.37565 (latest beta)

OS Win7 64-bit Home Premium SP1

Browser Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m (up to date)

Filters/codec: Nothing changed other than MB3 Server install


Hi All - 


Sorry if this is duplicated but I have searched all forums and primarily this one for a similar problem but did not find another report.


For all versions of the MB3 Server/Web Client I have used, my installation fails to restart the Web Client playback if I pause it for several minutes (e.g. answer the phone, grab a cup of coffee, etc.)


I have monitored the log file and haven't noticed any errors. I will prepare a full log submission if this problem has not been noted by others but if it has, is there a solution?


Thanks, Tanamur

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