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I love MB and use it daily for live TV and recording shows. I was hoping MB would also make using separate bubbleupnp/twonky music servers redundant. Unfortunately, that is not possible yet as MB lacks certain options (or maybe I am lacking understanding which is why I am posting).


My current music collection is organized by genres. Each song also has a rating. I also use a media player ( WMP,winamp, Music Bee etc) to create a dynamic playlist based on ratings, recently played, and so on. These are my three main ways of finding and playing music. 


It seems with MB i can only use the genre category because MB doesn't see the rating tag and neither does it recognize playlists from other players. MB does have something called "favorites" for songs but I can't seem to figure out how to add or remove songs from that list.


Any help would be appreciated.





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the web client currently doesnt seem to expose the favourites...mbt and mbc clients do...

you might have more luck investigating the mb3 playlist xml structure and see if you can transform your current playlists into mb3 compatable ones...eg copy them over on a nightly basis 

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Sorry, I think being able to mark songs as favorites and view those favorites is an area of opportunity for us to improve.


Currently you can do this but you have to go all the way to the song detail page in order to mark it. It's something we can look at in the future. It is faster to mark albums and artists though.

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FYI, my pure system finds favorite songs over dlna as does the sony walkman app as it's own category so it works in one area, works great I use it all the time.

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