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Argus TV - Deleting folders that no longer contain video files.


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I was wondering whether this was a common problem and whether there is an elegant solution.


I use Kodi with the Argus TV and Mediabrowser running on my server.


I have Mediabrowser watching my Argus Recording folder so all new recordings automatically get added.


My problem stems from the fact that I can watch recordings from two different sources -  the Argus Recordings folder or from the Mediabrowser plugin.


I tend to watch most programs and then immediately delete them - if I do this from the Argus TV plugin it deletes the video file but leaves behind a folder full of .jpgs etc. This is fine if I record more programs from that series but with one-off programs, I am finding more and more empty folders that need to be deleted.


Is there some sort of solution (other than only watching TV via the Mediabrowser plugin) to remedy this?  E.g. Is there some sort of cleanup app that looks for folders that no longer contain the video file and can be automatically deleted?

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Just wondered whether there have been any recent solutions to this lately.



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