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Server - Show Artist & Person Views and their Content 'Correctly'


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Similar to



In a similar way as to how it is impossible to identify incorrect similar artist ID3 tags from within MBS....

due to MBS Person and Artist views showing the Artist/Person names as matched rather than as is.... and the content against the Matched Person/Artist rather than Person/Artist as is...


People Views also exhibit this problematic symptom..eg abby eliott




The two source entities which created these two objects are

'Abby Elliot' and 'Abby Elliott'...


in this case the 2nd 'incorrect' person object 'Abby Elliot' came from a gueststars tag on a series.xml....


Unfortunately it is impossible to use MBS to find the offending tag/source object and correct... because

1. The person/artist object is shown as matched rather than as is...so searching for the incorrect value outside MBS is obfuscated..(although looking at the IBN entry/path can help)

2. clicking on both person objects in UI shows content for the same matched person on the fetcher...NOT...the content which precipitated the object.


Clicking one of the objects..the object for 'Abby Elliott' should show 3 episodes of HIMYM where the actor is defined...and it does...

Clicking on the other object ..the object for 'Abby Elliot' (also shown as 'Abby Elliott') should show 1 Series of HIMYM where the actor is defined. but it doesnt... its shows the previous / same as above...


Another example..i have 3 "Weird Al" Yankovic..s

clicking on each one yields the following unique URLS





but they all show the same content...the same movie 'the naked gun'..



The feature request is....

to name the Artist/Person objects in their respective views, as is not as matched...

to not hide the content from the user which precipitated the object in the view..eg (the tags on) the tracks which precipitated the artist or e.g. the TVDB actor metadata which precipitated the person.


or better yet...in this example

There should be two person objects,

one Abby Elliot - Identified and Matched (because it does) - showing content for 'Abby Elliott'

and the other

Abby Elliot - Not identified or Matched (because it doesn't) - Show content for 'Abby Elliot'


Then when the duplicate/incorrect entry is identified...it would be obvious why..and the correction simple...


thanks for considering..

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