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Updating Woes


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I run Mediabrowser 3 on a Server 2012 Essentials box, and have for over a year or so.  I use the service side of Mediabrowser, as the Windows server does not autologon.  I am running the Dev builds of Mediabrowser (just updated before posting this to v3.0.5509.223), which may be the cause of the issue I am having.  This is also an issue I had in the past, it cleared automagically, but has now been back for at least the last month or so.  Basically what happens is I cannot shut down the MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe process.  In the past, I believe it may have been related to a plugin.  The only plugins I am running are: Auto Box Sets, CoverArt 4.0, MB Bookshelf, Rotten Tomatoes Reviews, and the Server Configuration Backup.


This means whenever an update is available, I have to:

  1. set the service to "Disabled"
  2. Reboot the physical server
  3. Start the application, not the service
  4. Complete the update
  5. Go back and set the service to automatic
  6. Reboot the server again.

 Anyone seen this or have any suggestions?  I have the workaround in place, but this whole process is a royal pain.

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Until we have automated updates for the Windows service I wouldn't suggest doing dev updates. Its not as much of a pain on stable when its only once every few weeks

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