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Missing Status - Episode Overlay


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I got caught out yesterday planning to watch something which showed up on my system on the Samsung and Roku clients (under series view).

Turned out the show was missing but there was no obvious/immediate visual cue that the missing show was different to a present show.


I am aware that there is an option to turn off missing from views but it does have its uses too.


Clients do not currently have a standard for visually cueing missing (Roku and Samsung)


This feature request is that the project introduces a standard for missing cues


We currently have

a green circle and a tick for watched episode.


why not have

Orange circle for episodes which are in flight/resumable (although the bar along the bottom is more informative/better..this could be useful for clients that dont show this level of detail/dont have room on screen).

Red circle for episodes which are missing.


thanks for considering

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This has been suggested a while back in our internal dev discussions and a standard that looks like what MBC does with off line, missing etc. items is probably what will be done.



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