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External Subtitles setup


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I have just installed MBC on a new PC with Shark 007 Codecs installed using default settings.


Everything is working great except I can seem to get external subtitles working.


I have looked around the forums but doesn't seem to be any straight forward answers.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get subtitles working? Subtitles work when using windows media player, just not in WMC/MBC.

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thanks for that, I followed the instructions and subtitles now work in media center and media player but not in Media Browser Classic, which doesn't make sense to me.


I have all my media stored one PC and am using another PC to connect and stream off it, as initially I thought it was permissions but all works fine minus subtitles in media browser classic.


Ill try MBT tonight to see if that works.


Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Tried on MBT still no luck.


I believe I know the cause but not how to resolve it.


When I play a video from windows directly with both media center and media player it works fine and in the system tray the LAV icon and VS filter (green arrow icon) appears.


When playing in MBC or MBT only the LAV icon appears no VS filter icon.


For some reason VS filter is not triggered when playing in media browser.


Any ideas on to get this working?

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  • Solution

Figured it all out,  I needed to setup my libraries in MBS to use UNC paths, once done MBC was direct playing instead of transcoding and external subs now work again.

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