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titiles wihtin collections not grouping in movie display


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Hi there -

Have issue with titles linked via a collection no longer grouping in the movies display - its now showing each movie individually.


originally made all collections manually via meta data manager and it worked fine for two weeks or so.

logged on today and now they are all showing individually.

installed plug in autoboxset, nothing changed

manually removed all titles from each collection one by one and then adding them back in (then locked the meta data to stop any auto changes) -  this worked until next time server was started then it defaulted back to showing titles individually.

tried unlocking and refreshing - no fix.

screen shots attached - pls help!.



PS sorry for the shoddy spelling!


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I recall this being reported during the dev cycle and it may have slipped through.


I can replicate it in the app I'm working on now that uses the same type of queries as the web client.  It appears in the current dev version, I get both the collection and the individual movies in the list.

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