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New Content Added Notification for 'Favourite' Series


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Hey guys,
I was showing off the notification feature to my wife (I use pushalot), and she was interested in also having notifications, but only from particular series (so this FR is coming from her  ;) ). Since she is home during the day, as she is now a stay-at-home Mum, the notification feature would actually be quite handy.


Would it be possible to add the option in the 'New content added' notification, to only receive the message from shows that are marked as favourites? This way I could make her an account (we currently just share one) and she can mark her favourite shows that she wants to be notified for.



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Just a little bump. Would this be hard to do?


depends if someone (maybe a plugin could do this?) are willing to make it happen, so get ppl to upvote your suggestion (I just did, have not seen this one before and it would be awesome)

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