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I have recently installed XMBC on my laptop whereby I aim to link to my TV, however is it worth investing in an Android set top box? 


If so, which do you recommend?





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There are many different Android boxes, all offered by small companies (usually Chinese), all with issues of some sort. The lack of any review of this market, and the lack of any googleable evidence of after-sales service or support, makes me nervous about buying one. I've heard good things about boxes from Keedox, Tronsmart, and Minix. One thing all these share in common is the remote control offered is generally poor. Because the android 4.x interface is designed for touch, you need an air remote to operate these things properly.


Alternatives to consider are the Amazon FireTV and Google's Nexus Player. I'm hoping we'll see other Android TV STB's from large manufacturers launched at CES, however the emphasis seems to be about getting Android TV onto TVs so far.

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