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Subtitles - is it possible in MBC to display forced subtitles?


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This is an example for how I now setup my movie folders.




In the MBC view for the individual movie I can see that there are several subtitles in the MKV file but there is no indication if any are forced.


In the above example I tired setting the flag in the MKV file on on the subtitle for the Russian translation to default and forced but this does not show up as forced in my MBC (using Chocolate theme). I then tried adding the subtitle as an external subtitle as above but this does not show up as forced either.


Is there a way in MBC to display a notice if a movie has forced subtitles? Either if flagged in the MKV file or as external subtitles? By display I mean show a flag or icon in the subtitle list that a forced subtitle exists in the movie (not referring to displaying the actual subtitles, just a flag that they exist).


For example the above MKV file rather than list the subtitles as eng, eng ,eng it was displayed as eng, eng, ENG (in capitals for forced)?


Many thanks

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I do not think it has that option. It is the splitter that normally takes care of that. If the subtitle streams in your MKV are already flagged as "forced", you just have to configure LAV splitter to only pass on the forced subtitles and the correct language files.  Below is how it could look, but you have more options. I do not remember if the matroska splitter has the same options



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Thanks for the reply. I use PowerDVD as an external player as it upscales DVD format to 1080p. Unfortunately PowerDVD does not read the subtitles even though the version 14 release notes says it now supports subtitles in MKV files. I can easily enable them manually but I need a prompt that there are forced subtitles in the file to worry about.


Hence I was hoping that MBC could show a flag if there are any forced subtitles in a movie file. It can see that there are multiple english language subtitles (three in the above example, it shows then as eng, eng, eng) so I was hoping that it would be possible either in current version or as a feature request to show if any of these are forced e.g. in bold, or capitals. Then I have a prompt that I need to enable the subtitles manually in PowerDVD.

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