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SAMI (.smi) support


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I am really enjoying the subtitle fix implemented this update. Would it be possible to also include support for .smi subtitle format? It seems ffmpeg does support this file format.


From my research:

As of version 1.2, ffmpeg will decode the following subtitle formats:

  • HDMV Presentation Graphic Stream subtitles
  • JACOsub subtitle
  • MicroDVD subtitle
  • MPL2 subtitle
  • PJS (Phoenix Japanimation Society) subtitle
  • RealText subtitle
  • SAMI subtitle
  • SubViewer subtitle
  • SubViewer v1 subtitle
  • raw UTF-8 text
  • VPlayer subtitle
  • WebVTT subtitle
  • DVB subtitles
  • DVD subtitles
  • MOV text
  • SubRip subtitle with embedded timing
  • SSA (SubStation Alpha) / ASS (Advanced SSA) subtitle
  • SubRip subtitle
  • XSUB
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Yes it does and I have just tested but atm everyone has their plates full and there are still some bugs that we need ffmpeg devs to get around to fixing before subs are where I would be confident in adding more formats that said initial testing on the one smi file I could find was positive. But it will require specifying language character sets for for all languages (including english) which I don't think will satisfy our 90/10 rule and is not something that we really want to undertake at this stage.


If you make a feature request and get enough support for it we can revist.


I'm not saying no just saying not right now.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand that it is not an essential function and can wait for its implementation in the future. Hopefully when the development of MB3 stablizes, we could revisit this feature.

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