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"Illegal sign in path" since update 3.0.5445.5


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Hello all :)


I've a little problem since update 3.0.5445.5

In the dashboard it shows me a failed library scan, caused by an illegal sign in a path.




I was searching manually in the directories and had a look into the log files, but did'nt found anything. I can also watch all my videos .. so i don't know what to do. Can someone help me please to resolve this problem?


Maybe i've to say, that i've modified some other files to create 3 server with 1 configuration .. :unsure:

Well, all my servers have the same problem and are running now update 3.0.5445.6 - which also don't resolve the problem.


In the attachement are the latest 3 logfiles from my mainserver.


Thanks for help!


Best regards,





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I had this. Seemed to be some corrupt xml's somewhere, never found which ones, I just deleted all and re ran the library scan

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