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User submitted requests page and System wide broadcasts


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Hi, welcome.


The idea of users submitting requests to the admin...yes that's an interesting idea. It could be a good project after the new year once some other things have been taken care of.


For messaging, yes you can send messages from the remote control page of the web client. it will be disabled for clients that haven't yet implemented it though.

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Hey guys, been seeing some great updates to the server, thanks for all your hard work!!

I was wondering if it would be feasable to have some sort of request submission system on the user side of the applications/web client - where our viewers could have the opportunity to request specific titles from us and then allowing us to mark these requests complete etc through the admin interface. With your latest builds (allowing for media connect) and addressing a sleeker way to give guests direct access - having something like this would be nice.

Also - the system does allow for sending a message to a specific user (VIA remote control) , it would be super nice if the admin page had the ability to send a broadcast message to all attached devices (or selected ones) all at once, especially in cases where the admin has to take the system down, restart the server, or broadcast other systemwide messages.



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