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Page to change the server in webclient


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Hii Community


I'm new here, but i use mediabrowser server since some months.

I setup and configure 3 MB-Server. If one is slowed up or something else, you can change to a faster server.


For this change, i edit the login page and made a completly new site for a manualy server change.

If you click on "Langsam oder schlechte Performance?" (english: Slow or bad performance?) at the login, you come to the server change page. For this i had to disable the disclaimer edit form in the dashboard.


What do you think about it?




PS: Every user can log in at every server with all the same configuration and password.



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Thank you for the positive reply :)

Can I ask you something?

If I update the server, all my settings are gone into System.old folder and i have to store all the modified files back to the 'normal' System folder (now i've disabled auto update). Is it possible to allow the updates and exclude files from it, like the login.html? I would like to run the update and if it's done, the login.html site is still the same ... inpossible, right? :)
And my new images in the folder called ".\css\images\" (like the "Win Server 2012 R2" pic at the buttom in every page) are like all other in the System.old folder. Can i disable the movement of completly new images and just the MB-Server files get updated?


..and sorry for my terrible english :rolleyes:


Best regards,


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@@Luke This is something I was thinking, incrimental update.  But I realized that would be a pain and a bad idea, that's why I am just working on a wrapper now.

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