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VLC Remote mapping

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Hello everyone.


First of all, special kudos to the MB team, this is outstanding work ! MBC has been adopted by the whole family and everyone loves it :)


Now onto my question.


I use MBC, on windows 7 64bits. I've configured MBC (through the MB configurator) to use an external player, VLC 2. Everything works fine, I can play, pause and stop movies with my MCE remote with no issue.


However, I would like to know how to map other remote keys to functions in VLC, especially :

* Toggle sound tracks

* Toggle subtitile tracks

* Other speed for fastforward (>>| is already configured for 30sec jumps, I would like to configure >> for 5 sec jumps for instance).


I suspect MBC already remapped some keys (>>| jumps 30sec when VLC is launched through Mediabrowser, but skips to the next item in the playlist when VLC is launched independently from the desktop).


Is there a config file in MB that I can edit to alter this behavior, or shall I have to use EventGhost to achieve this ?


Thanks for your input, and have a nice day !

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