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Some collection items showing incorrect images where posters should be displayed


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I've noticed that for some of my recently added collection items screens that I would expect to display poster images are instead displaying other images, that are the wrong aspect ratio and don't have the media name embeded in the image.


I'm running MB3 Server Version 3.0.5031.21343


In some cases the correect poster image hasn't been downloaded by MB3 at all, in other cases the poster has been downloaded but is not being diplayed on some/all of the Web interface pages.




1.Movie Title "Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest"


  • MB3 correctly identifies title and displays external Ids for imdb and tmdb
  • MB3 only downloads 2 images, one is set to type 'primary' it is a background type image, there is nothing in it to help identify the movie and the aspect ratio is bad for a poster. The other is set to type 'background' and is displayed accordingly.
  • The 'primary' image is dispayed on several pages where a poster would normally be and looks a bit silly.

 2. Movie Title "Turbo"


  • Similar to above, 3 images downloaded but no poster type image. Primary image is again, incorrect aspect ratio for use as primary image and doesn't have the move name on it.


3. Movie Title "Solo"


  • MB3 correctly identifes movie and downloads a single image. In this case it is a poster type image and is assigned type 'primary'.
  • The image is displayed on collection pages but is distorted (see screenshot).


Something's not right with my config I guess.


TIA for your help.








Edits: fix image links, add server version

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Thanks. Next question, how are your folders structured? And do you use any other metadata fetchers i.e. MetaBrowser/MCM?

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Okay, since no one has answered you, I will go 1st.

"Primary" images are the assigned images for Movie posters or album covers, they get downloaded into the appropriate folder containing the movie or albums depending on your library addresses. they will be named "folder" in either jpg or png format.


So for instance, in your media browser under browsing and editing, select the appropriate movie folder, and click the images tab, if you were wanting to upload your own images, click upload, click primary, and then select from browsing your hard disks for the appropriate images you want for your album or movie cover. Note that these images will have to be the correct dimensions for them to be portrayed right - 1000x1500 is what I see posters to be downloaded from sources such as IMDB etc (as I believe there is also another function within the server settings to stretch images elsewise - which isn't a preferred option).

I generally use media center master to extract the images off the net 1st before adding them to my library, as I find those images pretty accurate.


Other labels are for the appropriate images to suit their designated purpose and will fit into slot.

Backdrops will get labelled backdrop.jpg, backdrop1.jpg, backdrop2.jpg etc and act as the titles says, your back drops. amd as I said before, they must be accurate in demensions, otherwise your images will get stretched and look funny, so it is best to let an external meta grabber 1st, like media center master.

Also, the folder structure helps to go by as follows.


Video/Movies/Iron Man/movie file.mkv (all containing images within the same folder as the movie file)

                      /Lord of the Rings/movie file.mkv

                      /Shrek/movie file.mkv

                      /Iron Man/movie file.mkv

Video/TV Series/2 & a Half Men/Series 1/TV Show.mkv (all containing images within the same folder as the TV file)



With Box Sets it's very similar, but yea, if you look in the tutorials it also tells you all this about folder structure.



(PS: I hope I didn't complicate it further, otherwise I can just delete this post. Haha.)

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Thanks for the replies guys.


My structure is pretty much as strugglez suggests. I've got a couple of different collections going because I've got a separate profile for my son.


Sticking with the examples from my OP, the underlying structure is:


../Shared Disk/Shared Area/Movies - Max/Curious.George.A.Halloween.Boo.Fest (2013)/CURIOUS_GEORGE.img.iso

                                                            /Turbo (2013)/Turbo.avi


../Movies/Solo (2013)/Solo.avi


I was using Media center master before upgrading to MB3. I'd formed an expectation that I wouldn't need to use it any more and MB3 would handle all the meta data for me. So most of my collection items will already have a 'folder.jpg' file in them from when I was using MCM - it's probably only the new items where the poster/primary image is missing.


Why wouldn't MB3 download posters given all the functionality appears to be already built, demonstrated by the fact that it can download backdrops, etc.? Seems crazy to have to continue to run a separate metadata grabber.


The other concern is that even where I do have a poster image that is selected as the 'primary' image, it's not rendering properly on some of the MB3 pages. As you can see for the movie 'Solo' in the 2nd screenshot linked in my OP.


Looking forward to hearing and learning more on this.

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Hi Luke, thanks.


Mixed results:

These 2 screenshots are interesting to look at:

1. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71889660/MB3/movies.png

2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71889660/MB3/suggested.png


  • Even though some titles have a poster style primary image that is rendered correctly on the 'movies' page (solo; turbo); they appear squashed on the "suggested" page.
  • For some titles MB3 hasn't downloaded a poster type image despite them being major titles with poster type images available at at least 2 of tmdb, imdb & fanart.tv (Kick-Ass 2, Monster's University) etc.)
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I won't list them all here but for the 4 examples I mentioned in my previous post the folder names are:


\\SERVER\Movies\Solo (2013)\

\\SERVER\Shared Disk\Shared Area\Movies - Max\Turbo (2013)\

\\SERVER\Movies\Kick.Ass.2 (2013)\

\\SERVER\Shared Disk\Shared Area\Movies - Max\Monsters.University (2013)\


I think they're as they should be?

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Okay, since no one has answered you, I will go 1st.

Wait, I am no one?  :wacko:


Mm, I'd get rid of the periods for starters. The movie folder should just be 'Monsters University'. It looks like it's not finding the movie, then extracting a thumb for the folder.jpg

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  • Solution

If you don't want MB to automatically extract images from videos when no poster exists (which is what is happening to you here), you can disable that in the dashboard.

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  • For some titles MB3 hasn't downloaded a poster type image despite them being major titles with poster type images available at at least 2 of tmdb, imdb & fanart.tv (Kick-Ass 2, Monster's University) etc.)



I don't know if this helps, but I know I came across this problem last night with my Music labels and trying to assign them to the right ID.


When you go to edit the metadata of the folder, you have I believe 2 fields for the Name/title.

You have Name/Title and also SortName.

I found that Editing and changing the Sort name to different instances of what could be a possible match helped me match to the source material (Off the website).


An example of this for my music was 3OH!3. I changed the sort name which WAS 3oh!3 to 3oh3 (took out the !) and it matched up to the musicbrainz/last.fm database.

As for movies, I haven't had a problem yet, but as I say, I have been using Windows Media Master for them.


Hope this helps possibly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the help guys.

Turning off automatic image extraction combined with removing the periods from all my collection item folder names has got things sorted for me.

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