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Dates displayed a day earlier in metadata editor


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I have a problem with dates, they are displayed a day earlier when opening a movie or persons profile in the metadata editor. This happens with “Date added”, “LabelBirthDate”, “Death date” and “Release date”. The dates are also displayed a day earlier in clients that display Birthdates, like MBC with Square theme and wp8 app. Only in the webclient the birthdates are displayed correctly.


It doesn’t seems to be the same problem discussed here

I my case the dates are stored correctly in the movie.xml or person.xml files, but when I open the profiles in the metadata editor the dates are displayed a day earlier. If I save the profile now, the wrong dates are written to the xml files. So whenever I want to make a change in a profile I first have to change the dates back to a day later.


With the added date field the behavior is almost the same, only the first time I go into the profile the added date field is displayed correctly, when I do a change and save the profile, the next time I open the profile the added date field will be displayed as a day earlier. It seems originally the added date field is stored as date + time, when I make a change and save the profile the time is zeroed out  and stored as 0:00:00 and this makes a difference.


As an example, if I open the profile I the web client the birth date is displayed correctly



When I open the same profile on my windows phone the birthdate is displayed a day earlier



If I open this profile in the metadata editor, the birthdate is displayed a day earlier, the added date field is correct.



The birthday in the person.xml file.



If I save the profile and go back to Kevin Spacey's profile in the webclient the birthdate is changed to a day earlier



Now the wrong date is stored in the person.xml file, also the added date field time is now zeroed out.


If I now open the profile in the metadata editor, both date added and birthdate are displayed a day earlier.





For the moment I am running server version 3.0.5441.2

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Trying to find the problem I have installed mediabrowser server on an other system, on windows 8.1 ent running as virtual machine. And I still have the same problems.

Mediabrowser version is the latest beta release 3.0.5445.6, I have attached the server logs.


As another example of the date problem here the movie.xml file of a movie (American Beauty)

The added date is 27/11/2014  16:04:58 and the premiere date 1999-09-15




When I open this profile in the metadata I get the following dates, added date 2014-11-27 (correct one) but a premiere date of 1999-09-14, this is a day earlier than in the xml file



When I make a change, like adding the correct parental rating for my country and save the profile the dates are also changed in the movie.xml file.



When I open the profile again in the metadata editor, both dates will be shown a day earlier.




I would be nice if somebody else could confirm they have the same problem.


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I tried changing my Region and Language settings from Dutch (Belgium) to English (United States), it didn't solve the problem.

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@@Luke just been looking into this a little as it got reported on the Windows Phone forums. It looks like when requesting an item, the premieredate is an hour off so instead of being "PremiereDate": "1982-09-22T00:00:00.0000000Z" it's coming through as "PremiereDate": "1982-09-21T23:00:00.0000000Z" and so the clients (and metadata editor) are displaying the incorrect date. 

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Luke, I have done some more test with the dev version 3.0.5513.39888 and the problem seems to be half solved. At first I thought nothing was changed because the wrong dates were still displayed in the metadata editor. But the good thing is that these wrong dates are not written to the movie.xml files anymore. So I can edit profiles without the need to change the dates back to the correct ones. The only date displayed correctly are the added dates when they have a time higher than 0:59:59.

In all other places the dates are still displayed as a day early.

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