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DLNA Control Point [BubbleUPNP]


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I have recently installed Mediabrowser 3, transferring from Serviio and the whole package seems to come together quite well and I appreciate its functionality.


I have been having a few problems adjusting Mediabrowser to my network and I was hoping to try and get some help:

  1. From the android mediabrowser app I am unable to play content to my Western Digital Boxes.
  2. From BubbleUPnP (android app) I am able to watch content however if I try to push that content to the western digital box it shows up on the screen but then the content never ends up playing.

* I can browse from directly on the WD box and play content without an issue.


I have done some reasonable searching however have not been able to find anything explicitly useful for my problems. One person did post a profile that he said worked for him (not sure to what capacity) but it does not allow me to push content from the BubbleUPnP app to my western digital box. I have attached my log.


Thanks for any help that anyone can bestow.


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