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MB not adding TmdbCollectionName to MCM created movie.XML


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can media browser amend movie.xml files created by MCM generally?


it seems that mb is unable to add




to movie.xml created originally by MCM


steps to reproduce.

1. fetch movie with MCM (folder and files renamed to standard, movie.xml created)

2. copy movie into MB collection/rescan library.

3. MB is not aware that film is member of tmdb collection, no tmdb collection info in webclient or movie.xml



a. delete xml from movie and rescan

b. xml with tmdbcollectionid now present.


anyone know of an alternative program that is good at identifying movie folder names/movie content, subtitles etc and renaming (whilst deleting non movie content and not creating a movie.xml that can trip up mb)?

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No, if the xml already exists, we don't touch it.  You'll need to take this up with MCM but I thought they already had that field in there.

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