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Backdrop number limit for one item


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Sorry if it this was answered somewhere else, I couldn't find it.


By going through my collection on Mediabrowser Server web client, I realized some of my backdrops were not displayed there. In fact, after checking, those backdrops do not show in mediabrowser classic either (which make sense if they are not detected by the server ;)


Anyway I realised that the server is not detecting more than 21 backdrops for one item. As an exemple, I have a "Attack on Titan" folder with 42 backdrops (yes, I know...) and the last one to be detected is "backdrop20".


Here is my question : Is there a setting somewhere allowing to change this limit ? (I found the setting to change the limit of downloaded backdrop but that is not my "problem" here)


Thank you guys for the amazing job.



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