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Upgrade from 2.6 to 3


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Ok i have searched and don't get much about upgradeing.


I found the install guide here http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/692-mb3-server-setup-and-configuration/


But it don't say if i can upgrade 2.6.2 to version 3, or if i must uninstall version 2.6 first.


I know i have put this off for some time now, but i finally got a HDHomeRun Prime and think i might get more use from MB 3 now that i am doing more in WMC and extenders


Thank for any help

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Ok thank you, But the basic question is still not answered.

Do i need to uninstall MB 2.6 before i install MB3 or will it upgrade 2.6 to 3.

From the FQA:
The recommended solution is to upgrade to MB3.
MB Classic (the WMC client for MB 3) cannot co-exist with MB 2.x.
No, your custom meta data can all be retained. Once you install MB3 server you can change settings in the web client.

The first line look like MB 3 will upgrade 2.6
the second line looks like i need to uninstall 2.6
the third line make me think i need to keep the database files but must uninstall MB 2.6 either before MB 3 or after MB 3 setup. But MB 2.6 must be uninstall before MBC 3 is installed.

As you can see i am making assumptions by reading the FQA's

So since i spent weeks setting up my new WMC PC, and my Main PC running MB 2.6 is years old and working fine, i would like to know that i will not screw it all up by not following the correct steps. I have read many pages here but it is not clear if MB 3 will upgrade 2.6 and uninstall the 2.6 client and leave the databse.

So looks like i need good full system backups to be safe.

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ok Rainey


ill try to help.. 


first off, YES always full backups are good.. better safe than sorry to have full copies of anything important about your current setup.. 




mb3 is now multiple pieces in a way that 2.x wasnt.. so thats part of the confusion you mention above..


-the server piece is required and WILL COEXIST OK with your current setup


-when that installs you can verify that your setups are ok, fix/enhance your metadata options etc.. all without affecting your mb2.x installation at all.. i would stop here and spend time learning the new "world" of mb3..  the server install also includes a wonderful web-browser based client (aka web client) that you can use on your local machines, phone/tablets, etc.. this STILL will not interfere with your current mb2.x setup..


down the road.. when you understand how mb3 works and everything looks the way you'd like in the server and on the web client... then you can do the following..



-use a non-wmc client like MBT (Media Browser Theater) or XBMBC3 (the plugin that allows xbmc as a front end to your mb server back end)...

-make the MOVE to UNINSTALL mb 2.x and INSTALL MBC (this is the wmc client in our new world... it REPLACES and CANNOT COEXIST with your mb 2.x...) so the install of MBC as a client on your media center pcs is the step you want to make sure you are fully prepared for.. thats why i suggest the path above to make sure youre all set in the other clients and in the web client first.


read around more in the forums and youll find a lot of this discussed before in the legacy forum for other users of the 2.x product-line.



all in all.. go carefully.. search the forums and then ask for help when needed.. and enjoy.. i find and hope you'll agree that mb3 is WORLDS AHEAD of mb2... lots of positives to be sure in going through the process youre starting with it.



good luck!



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Thanks for your help.


I have installed MB3 and my firewall blocked the program many times at each step so the setup program had to be run many times to finish. Once finished my Web browser open but will not connect. I am running Firefox with No script , ghostrey and a few others. will try IE.


I see MB 2.6 is still installed and works fine still, so it did not get upgraded, its database was not used. So i guess there are other detialed steps to try and use your old databse in the new MB 3 setup. In my case this is not that big of a problem as i use MCM and have a metadata file in each movie folder.


I will figuire it out.

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No, you didnt miss anything.  There is no upgrade.


Install the MB3 server.  Get your media added and visible in the web ui.  Uninstall 2.6.  Install MBC...assuming you still plan to use WMC.

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Thanks, i am playing with MB3 now, it has much more setting then MB2 had.


It is nice but very detailed like my PLEX setup.


I may be stuck with WMC because of a few reasons. I have many DRM channels, and use echos in a few places. My Main powerful PC is Windows 8.1 and the echos don't work with that PC so i install a Win 7 WMC PC, but still run MB3 and PLEX on the main win 8 PC. So i am not sure yet if i am going to try out MB3 Live TV setup. More research required. I do have a HDHR Prime netwroked tuner so it may work.

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