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Allow Styled Subtitles


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A while ago, when watching shows with styled subtitles (fonts, colors, screen placement, etc) on Media Server (whether through the web client or Android App), the subs were shown with their respective styles.  


With recent builds though, there have been changes that remove these styles and instead show the text always centered on the bottom of the screen in a thin white font (on the web client, they have a semi-transparent black box around them, when using the Android app, they have no black box).  At first, these changes were only on the web client and not on the android app, however one of the more recent updates to the Android app removed the styles too.  This makes everything harder to read for me and, due to the lack of styling, you also lose a lot of context (for example, when subs are translating various pieces of text on the screen at their respective locations, when streaming using MediaBrowser, they all just get jumbled together at the bottom of the screen).


I'd like a way to be able to stream my videos using the styled subtitles, if available.  I've looked through the server settings and haven't seen any such thing, but if it already exists, I apologize.

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