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Media Browser not casting using Chromecast


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This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong area
Media Server Version 3.0.5395.0
Chrome - Chrome 37.0.2062.124
I'm very new to Media Browser although I have used Plex. I do prefer MB however I have a problem in that I cannot for the life of me get Media Browser web player to cast via Chrome cast.

Never been an issue casting anything from my PC (windows 7) in the past I can cast from apps on my IOS devices ( Ipad , Iphone)  but my PC will not have it ! I've tried reducing the quality of the cast etc etc ... no idea what I'm doing wrong! 


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Hello there


Basically I'll click play a movie (  I've tried multiple formats MKV, MP4 etc ) via the media browser interface, click the Chromecast square, it picks up my TV no problem .. and says it's playing on the TV - mirroring is enabled   .Oddly it will sometimes cast the details / overview page but the movie fails to cast on the TV.  

When I  click chrome cast off and it plays fine in the browser on the PC again. As mentioned can cast from the app on Ipad and phone to the TV  but not via Media browser. I can cast other non Media Browser tabs to TV from PC no problem and can with Plex.  Baffled.  


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Hmm, thought I'd sorted this  but no .. I disabled custom intros and the movies seemed to cast, but then stopped and broke up.  Defo not a wireless problem because I have have a good network set up and can cast from I pad etc with no issues.  

Despite this I have to say, Media Browser really does look incredible and I'm really enjoying using it.  Be good of the app also cast custom intros in time. 

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