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D series: MB not starting

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Hi all,

I searched this forum but couldn't find any infos.

I could successfully install the MediaBrowser app on my Samsung D6200 but I cannot start it by any chance.

When launching it says "Connecting..." (it really is german and says "Verbindungsaufbau...") and stays there forever.

I tried this at various times always updating the app itself. I also parsed the firewall logs but there was nothing to see. I created a rule so that the TV may access any and every network resources but still to no available.


Has anyone experienced something similar? And did anyone eventually solve this problem?




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Well, the backgroud is greyed outand the Samsung firmware displays the mentioned message. The MB server is running as I can access it with all other clients. What makes me wondering is the fact that even a packet capture on the Samsungs IP address doesn'tshow anything besides some HBBTV traffic...

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