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Music and Music video (again, sorry about this) and Playlists


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Hi, this maybe a feature request but was wondering what other people thoughts are on these subjects.


First of all playlists


Would it be possible for a resume feature?


Instead of the playlist builder coming in from the side, maybe a drop down box at the top of the browser which will remember the playlist you are working on until the browser is refreshed, then the add to playlist function is just one click per item instead of 4 or 5.


A Jumble feature, i.e. when you have finished messing with your playlist, press Jumble and it will randomly re-order the list.


Sort by artist so you can get rid of any duplicates in a list


Some way of re-ordering manually.


Music - Songs


A song is just 2 pieces of information, Title and Artist, and you may have one song 10 times in a collection and this information never changes, so was wondering if,


A "song" can be grouped, so if i like it or make it favorite it will do it to all instances of that song, as well as play counts being the same too.


When you open a song in the browser it will tell you what albums it is on and if there is a local music video for it.


which brings me to the subject no one wants to entertain, music vids, I know there isn't databases for them but there is always a simple way around things (what an assumption). I actually have a very accurate database of music on my server P.C., it's called media browser, and i only want things linking that are there, is there any way you can use the information at hand just to tidy this part up, all of the artist art is there ready to be used. No nobby online database needed, just two pieces of information, Title and Artist. Easy!!!

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