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Request: Add "Play Next" button for folder view sequential files


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I believe I can offer a very simple, but powerful solution to the issue I have (and others) regarding custom organized folders that are not commerical content that can be identified from the internet.

When there is a folder that contains files in a sequential order, whether numbered or even just plain old alphabetical order....any folder with a bunch of videos....

If you choose the "play all" option from the screen that shows all the videos in the Folder view, that works just fine.  When you start playing there is that "Play next" button on the control bar. 

But that button isn't there if you start playing from the individual video.  And that button isn't there later when you want to resume from the home screen.

So can you add an option to have that button always there when playing any video from folder view?  All it needs to detect is that there are multiple files in the folder, that's it.  If there is, have the button there.  Now this allows us to sort all our custom folders and files however we need and still get the nice tv show features you get with the tv show option, as in playing things next.

What do you think?

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