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Titles (metadata) will not update no matter what


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I've had this problem forever, but now I am mentioning it because I'm trying to reorganize stuff and nothing is working.

I have a bunch of elearning videos.  They will not match any scraping or metadata from tvdb etc.

I added them as "music videos".

I turned off in the library, all the tvdb or matching metadata options.  But i left the nfo files, screen capture, image capture, etc. on.

The first time, the files were all prefixed with the parent folder.  Now, the library titles all show these filenames as the title.

The filenames all get cutoff at the best part, the part that describes the content of that specific video.

So I removed the prefix from the filenames, and now they all start with a number. 01-organic biology1, etc.

SO I try refreshing metadata, replacing all metadata, etc.  I also try rescanning library.  Nothing will update the title in emby.  Frankly, this has never worked for me anyway.  I still have titles and collection names that i customized back in 2015 that are still there no matter what i do.  I mean, how do people deal with this, there are no clear answers here IMO.

I also tried removing all the extra files (thumbnails, nfo) that were created in the folders and starting over.  And yes, it does recreate them again.  But titles still stay the same.

So I'm just trying to update these filenames to remove the prefix.  What do I do?

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Hi, you probably have the old titles still inside nfo files, correct?

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On 9/5/2022 at 2:51 PM, Luke said:

Hi, you probably have the old titles still inside nfo files, correct?

You are correct.  I thought I deleted them all.  I deleted them again and all the titles got updated and seem good now.  Thank you.

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