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Android and Media browser automation


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Just wanted to give you guys some ideas to mess with.  I have successfully setup my system to do the following by voice:


Turn on and off all of my theater equipment.

Launch and close Media browser.

Turn on and off lights.


Using the following:

veralite controller

Galaxy tab 3 7.0 with IR blaster

Touchsquid universal remote app







Basically I have it setup like this.

The tablet is my remote using touchsquid.

Installing tasker with auto voice and openmic allows you to set your device to always listen ala the moto x

In tasker you setup your profile and what commands it sends

Autovoice translates voice commands to tasker.

Openmic+ keeps it listening.



So I say theater on, my tablet launches touchsquid and clicks the turn on all button, my theater equipment turns on.

I say launch media browser and the tablet clicks the media browser shortcut (touch squid has an app that runs on the pc to control it)

Eventghost watches for media browser to start and will issue a command to the veralite controller to turn off the lights.  


Then the reverse for turning everything off.


The following to videos will give you info on setting up and using taker, autovoice, and openmic+


 tasker and autovoice


tasker and openmic+


That should be a good place for people to start, if I can help shoot me a message.

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