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HDR playback issue


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emby server, docker, unraid.

embyserver.txt attached, no ffmpeg as no transcoding took place.

Sony Bravia TV AndroidTV

My mom has been complaining of movies with "off color"
it is HDR content.  she has an HDR tv. she is not local.

i recently added a 2070 super for transcoding.
transcoding works on all my devices fine when needed.
i have no color issues.  and a sony android TV similar to hers, works fine for me in every way i can test it.

my mom is 3000km away in ontario.  remote connection.

my network upload speed is set to 16mbit up(out)
my mom's account is set to 8mbit  per stream

this file is only 4mbit so no-transcoding necessary...  Direct Play.


here is the screen shot she sent me  (overly bright and pink/blue)

here is my  samsung note 10+ (proper)  over LTE  4mbit

Samsung HDR TV local 4mbit


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Hi.  The item is direct playing so it has to be something at the display end.  Have you had her check to see what mode her TV is in?  Is it possible she has turned the "Brightness" all the way up?

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