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Latest Release: MUMC v3
Multi-User Media Cleaner
MUMC (pronounced Mew-Mick) will go through movies, tv episodes, audio tracks, and audiobooks in your libraries and delete media items you no longer want taking up disk space.
Getting Started: Cool! How Do I Use This?
New MUMC Features
- Introducing Filter Statements; A simple way to configure the script to find and delete the media items taking up your disk space:
  • Delete movies played at least 60 days ago with a play count == 1.
  • Delete movies created at least 365 days ago with a play count <= 1.
  • Delete episodes played at least 30 days ago with a play count not > 1.
  • Delete episodes created at least 180 days ago with a play count < 2.
  • There are many possibilities!
- Keep a minimum number of played episodes to remain in all tv series'
- Fix configuration editor to allow editing multiple existing users during a single run
- All max_age configuration variables have been removed
  • The same behavior can be achieved with Filter Statements, using created statements
- Decided if media items are deleted when ANY or ALL users meet the play count
- Media item play count shown for each user
- Update console output to show version number and timestamp
- Usernames added to user_bl_libs and user_wl_libs config variables
- Updates to debug logging
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Thank you very much for this project. It's kind of what I was looking to do when I saw the original repo.

I would like to have all my users monitored in the same way but it doesn't seem possible at first view? If I understand correctly we have to configure each user with his media libraries

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