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Playback Error: No compatible streams are currently available.


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I'm having the same issue! It's only with one movie as far as I can tell.


The movie plays just fine on my phone (android) with the Emby app. It also plays on my Windows PC with VLC. But it won't on the same windows PC via the Emby app or a Roku TV with the Emby app. 


Looks like we share a commonality with it being a .mkv file.


emby 2.png

emby 3.png

emby 1.png

ffmpeg-transcode-901e5efd-d613-4cfa-a473-9ecde70f25cb_1.txt embyserver.txt

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@xooni - this should be fixed in the latest beta version (, so if you would be willing to install a beta version you could try that.


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