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workaround for usb/hdd disconnection and no trashcan inside emby


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Hi, as a Plex user i highly appreciate his Traschcan feature, that, if a hdd video repo goes offline, it will be marked as unavailable but still in library. Looking around for a solution i found out this software:

Safely Remove Hardware better alternative | USB Safely Remove

set it up in this exact way(obviously you can place this .bat wherever you want)



the .bat DO this:


TASKKILL /IM EmbyServer.exe* /T /F

when you disconnect any usb,it will kill embyserver so you'll never run into a situation where you have to rebuild your library, totally or partially.

i tested it either with standard and portable emby version. it works fine both situation.

The only downside is this program is not free. there is a 30 day trial. it worth it IMHO.

you can also try out a free option, working around this thread windows - Starting scheduled task by detecting connection of USB device - Super User

you can launch a scheduled task action based on an event viewer EVENT.

but i prefer using this simple program, altrough NOT FREE.


Hope this help


Have a nice day


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