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About DOVI Media Info and Media File Conversions


Message added by softworkz,

These posts were split-out from the following plugin topic for being unrelated:


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1 hour ago, softworkz said:

As it seems that some of my points still haven't been understood well enough:

  • I am not "panicking"
  • Again: what I stated were general concerns and not meant to discredit @Cheesegeezer's great plugin contributions in any way!
  • Conversion plugins are totally fine and I don't mind any such plugins to be added to the catalog
    Just make sure that
    • You don't create the impression that such conversions are safe or guaranteed to be lossless
    • If possible, please don't offer an option to automatically delete the original files

I don’t offer the immediate deletion of any files. There is back up feature and time to hold onto original files and also a revrt back function. 
your riding a different train here and flogging a dead horse.
Mkvconvert  is not even an option anymore. 
but please continue to confuse the thread. I thought i was clear in the fact that if you want to continue this, take it to pm or start a new thread. Jeez your emby staff! 

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While I haven't seen the very latest MKV Convert Plugin from Dave - to re-iterate again - on the previous release, ANY source file (regardless of container) is EXCLUDED from conversions if it contains any form of Dolby Vision.

While there is probably some logic we could follow to safely convert these, it would involve more 3rd party tools and is far safer to just leave them alone.

For the MKV MediaInfo Plugin (which concerns itself with how these files are 'named/presented') then If and when ffmpeg is ready to identify these as DV and this info is written to the Emby dB (in perhaps some dedicated fields), then we can probably manipulate the emby database title instead (to match all the other options we provided) and leave the source file well alone.

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