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Music Folder & Music Player - CoverArt Ratio


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Hi, I want to know if there is a way to show Music CoverArt in correct ratio (i.e. other than forcing 1:1) in the folder view or in player.

I have recently updated from 4.6.xx to 4.7.xx version. In the previous version, although Music CoverArt in folder view will be forced in 1:1 ratio, in player view, the art will be shown in correct ratio. However, I noticed that the player cannot show the Music CoverArt in correct ratio anymore in 4.7.xx version, after adding lyrics function and some changes on the buttons.


For example, the song "to the beginning" is forced to show its CoverArt in 1:1 in folder view. The cover is actually 1710x1920.



In the previous version, when I click the bar in the bottom, the player will show up and I cannot see the art in correct ratio.

In this version, even after closing the playlist view and have the screen only display the CoverArt, it is still 1:1.



Sorry I couldn't provide the screenshot that the player showing the art in correct ratio in older version.

Is there any way to display the CoverArt in correct ratio? (Music Folder OR Music Player) 

Thank you!



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Hi, we have a few aspects that we use, and when the image is not an exact match we use the closest one.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your reply, Luke. I get it now that the folder view will use the closest aspect for images. However, will the music player in the future versions be able to show the image without forcing into the aspects, like it does in older versions?

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It's happening now because the now playing screen has been updated to use the same rendering as other screens. But yes we'll continue to work on improving it and aspect ratio is something that frequently comes up.

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