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Under Person View remove episodes if credited for whole series


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So something I'm getting a lot of feedback from people that would make Emby more useable.  When searching by Person in Emby, there is a lot of "Noise" in the Episodes section. People who are credited for the entire Series are often individually tagged for every single episode which makes it hard to find the genuinely interesting cameo style appearances that the "Episodes" view is very useful for.

The feedback is to remove individual episodes if the person is credited for the whole Series.

Let's look at a real world example that looks correct, Jerry Seinfeld.

When I view his Actor page I can see Movies / TV Series / Individual Credits in Episodes


When I click on just Episodes:

It's awesome, I can see Jerry Seinfeld on Late night talk shows, Hosting SNL and Guest Appearances in other shows like Louie and Mystery Science Theater. This is exactly what I would expect.




I pick a different actor Dan Harmon and view Episodes;

Every episode of Harmontown, HarmonQuest and Rick & Morty come up. So I never can see his Cameos as there are pages and pages of just episodes.



Dan Harmon is already credited at the Television Show level for Harmontown, HarmonQuest and Rick and Morty. So my suggestion is to exclude from the Person view the episodes if the person is already credited at the Television Series level to make this screen more useful.



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Hi, yes I can see how the sheer number of episodes might dilute the views a little bit.

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