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Issue: MBT crashes upon trying to change audio/subtitle (shift+8)


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MBT ver: 3.0.5376.18803


Server ver:  3.0.5366.22005


Log file appended to post.


Issue: occurred when trying to watch a subtitled show in MBT. Library is on my NAS, server running on HTPC with link to folder on NAS. Video started fine, but when I went to change the audio stream and put on subtitles (usually accessed by pressing shift+8), the program crashed. It has been rather unstable for the past few days, with lots of "unhandled exceptions" and "insufficient memory" errors.


HTPC specs:


Intel 4960K cooled by Corsair H55

Gigabyte Z97-wifi motherboard

MSI GTX 760 ITX video card


System is on SSD; data is on HDD


Any ideas, o wiser ones?

mbt log 9 21.txt

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Is there any more to the log than that?


Does this error reliably happen when you change subtitles, or are you getting these errors elsewhere too? Does it ever crash without having ever started playback?

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I will check when I have access to the HTPC again if I can find more to the log.


It reliably happens with some titles; not so with others. My wife reports that she gets "out of memory" errors after about 45 minutes worth of playback. She says that it works again when she reopens MBT, but it will crash again after 30-45 minutes.


When it crashes, it typically crashes within the first few seconds of playback.

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