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Auto Organize : make it work with TV Shows without Season


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I've discovered MediaBrowser3 recently, i love it, especially the Auto organize functionality


But I want to know if this functionality can work with Anime.


I explain when I download an episode of an anime it is named in the following manner: 
[Team] Name The Serie - Episode Number (Quality) .extension 
But the number of the episode follows the numbering of AniDB (in whom there is no season) and not theTVDB 
For example: 
Naruto Shippuden S01E01 on theTVDB will be Naruto Shippuden 001 on AniDB 
Naruto Shippuden S16E30 on theTVDB will be Naruto Shippuden 378 on AniDB 
Auto Organize function fails to recognize the episode in order to move and rename it correctly 
I want to know if it's possible to configure the Auto Organize function to search on AniDB when it does not find a match with theTVDB? 
Thank you.
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