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Multiple Seasons in single video file


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Hi all,

Please forgive me in advance as I am not familiar with posting on public forums.

I have tried to search but have only found results for multi episode files in a single season.

I have a TV Show where the episodes are only a few minutes long, and the single video file contains all the episodes for both season 1 and season 2. (It is contained in a single Volume)

I know how to rename the file so EMBY detects all the episodes in a single season.

Example: <Show Title> 01x01 - 01x10

How would I go about naming the file to pick up that it is episodes from two seasons?

I have tried the below but it only detects the first season episodes.

<Show Title> 01x01 - 02x10

<Show Title> 01x01 - 01x10, 02x01 - 02x10

If this will not work on EMBY, would there be any alternative suggestions?

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Hello Matman18895,

** This is an auto reply **

Please wait for someone from staff support or our members to reply to you.

It's recommended to provide more info, as it explain in this thread:

Thank you.

Emby Team

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you are probably best off splitting the file using mkvtoolnix or similar

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