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Need help: TrueNAS cant add libaries


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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Hey all,


I have installed Emby in a Jail (used the default TrueNAS plugin):

TrueNAS Version: TrueNAS-12.0-U7

Emby Version:


I have mapped the folder 





When I go the Jail shell and I go to the mapped folder (/mnt/volume_main/iocage/jails/Emby/root/media/A) I can see my files. I can also modify the files here from the Emby Jail Shell.


When I go the the web admin of Emby and I am trying to add a new libary no files are found.


I tried 2 things:

1) use the navigation click on "/", click on "media", click on "A"

this doesnt even safe because when I click on "A" the navigation possbilities disappear and I am left with the search bar. I cant safe at this point or do anything.


2) when I manually type /media/A I can safe the library but the scan does not bring up any results.


Any ideas? 


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