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"Collection" Sort Title field


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I think it would be beneficial to have a field in the movie table called "collection_sort_title" or something to that effect.

The reason being, say I want to have a Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection, where the movies need to be sorted other than Title or Release Date. I can put them into the collection and change the Sort Title to "Marvel - 001", etc, but that means they all show up under "M" in the "Movies" library.

Same thing could go for a "Middle Earth" collection, for example, where I want to include the three Hobbit movies and the three LoTR movies. I have to change the Sort Title to "Tolkien - 001", etc.

If there were a separate field that, when browsing a collection, the collection sort title could be used instead of the library sort title it would solve that. 

Just my two cents, I think it would be useful.

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