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Movies: Extra Scenes (icon)


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Have you gone to rewatch a movie but can't remember if there was an extra scene (or two) at the end of the movie? It would be awesome if there was an icon to indicate if there is an extra scene!

It could indicate a single scene or multiple (with a + sign, maybe). I don't know if the movie databases track this, so maybe Emby could host this data? It would be community-driven and community owned - no outside services would be able to access this database. The community would simply edit the metadata for a movie and use a combobox to indicate the number of "Extra Scenes". This would then add an icon at the top of the movie's data. Once saved, this will be synced to the Emby database for that IMDB / TMDB ID. The next time another user's Emby server dials home, the user's database will be crosschecked with Emby's and any movies that need the Extra Scenes field populated would automatically have it filled.

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If you did go the tag route, you could configure Iconic to display an icon on the posters based on the tag name.

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