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AudioBook: Auto-Rewind after pause


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Can you add an option, when resuming an AudioBook, to rewind playback (ex: 3-30 seconds) depending on how long the pause was? (Without rewinding beyond the beginning of a chapter)

My favorite audiobook app does this and it greatly improves the listening experience. When I am repeatedly interrupted, and need to repeatedly pause my book, I'm not resuming in the middle of a word (3 second rewind). When I'm resuming after a long pause I'm given a few sentences to remember where I'm at in the book (30 second rewind).

I would love for these values to be adjustable at the library level, or perhaps a few presets. ex: no rewind, short [up to 15 seconds], medium [up to 30 seconds]


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That is very exciting. Glancing at the changes, Emby 4.7 is looking great.

Is there an expected time-frame for the release of 4.7? (and if the answer is "when it's ready" that is perfectly fine)

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