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Composer detail page including 'albums' and 'appears on'


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First, EMBY is the best Media Server ever, it's worth every cent I paid for the Premier license!
I loved the introduction of the Composer tab for music media.
I'm a classical music lover and I have more than 20,000 titles over more than 1,000 albums.
Browsing through the composer tab for classical music is way more effective and direct than for album artists or artists as you may have literally thousands of these (they may include not only composers but also performers, orchetras, etc...)

Unfortunately the browsing through Composers loses all its potential as in the Composer detail page you can see only the songs for that composer. They may be thousands (like for Beethoven) making the great idea of adding the Composer tab not that useful.

Just adding the section "Albums" and "Appears on" like for the user journey with the "Artists" and "Album Artists", will empower the Composer tab. It will probably be not a big change and is a quick win. I hope you could add it in one of the future version.



Artist Detail Page (with 'Albums' and 'Appears On')


Composer Detail Page (without  'Albums' and 'Appears On')




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Agree 100%. This suggestion, plus 1. adding "album artist" as a filter/sort option in each view (genre, playlist, play queue, etc.), and 2. adding the alphabet navigation tab to the right side of each of these same screens would make Emby perfect. At that point I'm in for a lifetime subscription.

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