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Videos not playing correctly whilst converting DTS-HD/DTS:X to DD5.1


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Hi everyone,

My first post here so I'll try my best to include as much detail as possible.

Here is my Lounge home theatre setup:

Nvidia Shield (2019 Tube version) > LG TV (GX) > Sonos Arc (via HDMI 2.1 eARC)

The Sonos Arc and LG GX are both new to me but one thing I didn't realise when I purchased the TV is it unfortunately doesn't support DTS in any format and neither did the Sonos Arc (until a recent update) so unfortunately my Shield needs to convert DTS (in all flavours) to DD5.1. But certain videos fail to play properly. They show green screen with artefacts and stuttering and isn't watchable, however the sound is fine. I can see on the server that it is transcoding the audio as expected and the server doesn't seem to be under huge load. Server is Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM and SSD as boot and transcode drive with GTX 1660S for hardware acceleration. It can happily transcode and convert HDR to SDR (on my bedroom TV) so audio shouldn't be a problem if it can do this (pretty heavy!) task.

I know that there is an Emby app for the LG TV and one of the troublesome videos does appear to play as expected with converted audio so I do think the issue is the Nvidia Shield. This is the only other supported player I have that can test all the various things such as Dolby Atmos with the Arc other than the Shield. However, the Shield goes into a HDMI Matrix which goes to 3 other TVs around my house so I don't want to stop using this but am happy to upgrade to the Shield Pro if it'll make a difference.

Has anyone else had the same issue with their Shield or can offer anything else to try.

Happy to suggestions but please don't say ditch the Shield for built in apps as its required for other areas around the home via the HDMI Matrix. 

NOTE: converting DTS (all flavours) to Stereo doesn't seem to affect the video. Just when converting to DD5.1.




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There are far too many variables above for us to home in on the issue.

If you stick to one example to start with, and supply as much info on that scenario incl details of the source file - then we can almost certainly help you.

The Shield Pro IS far more capable than the Tube for high bandwidth media - but if you are not using 4K Remux's - then it's not likely to be your issue.

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