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Is there any way to hide specific items from users?


As far as I know, there's already an option to hide items by parental rating, but I'd like a specific option to hide a folder or an item from either specific users or just the main user group.

For example, I may just want to hide a specific genre from someone, such as horror, however as far as I know there isn't any functionality for this at the moment.

I also would like it so that I could hide empty seasons that I don't currently have from normal users, however still keeping the 'show missing/unaired episodes' option on.


Something along the lines of this may be handy


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I know we can hide the library but instead of hiding the whole library i would like to be able to hide specific music genre or movie genre for specific user.


The only work around for now is to create multiple library (Ex: library for horror movie, library for kids movies etc) but if your library is already created you don't really want to create a new one and move all the horror movie etc...


it would be just a neat feature :)

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