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Do not refreshlibrary after renamed library,it waste too much time


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I have already scaned the library , named "movie" , and it works good,

I just want to rename it to "movies"

after i renamed, it restarted scanning the entire library.

the library has 20000+ movies , It will take a lot of time to start scanning all over again.

All the  things i did before were  wasted!



2021-11-10 10:57:52.931 Debug XmlSerializer: Serializing to file D:\Emby-Server\programdata\root\default\movie\options.xml
2021-11-10 10:57:52.939 Info Server: http/1.1 Response 204 to ::1. Time: 18ms. http://localhost:8096/emby/Library/VirtualFolders/Name?refreshLibrary=true&newName=movies&name=movie&Id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-Emby-Client-Version=


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